Death and Funeral of Mrs Holmes, of Conisborough

December 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 13

Death and Funeral of Mrs Holmes, of Conisborough.

On Sunday morning there passed away at her residence, Spring Grove, Conisborough, Mrs Holmes, wife of Mr C Holmes; chairman of the Conisborough Parish Council, and member of the Doncaster Rural District Council.

The deceased lady was much respected by all who knew, and much sympathy is felt towards the bereaved family and husband. Mrs Holmes had been ailing for over two years and has been medically attended by Dr Craik. About two months ago she had a fit.

Mr Holmes was called out of the pit, it being thought that Mrs Holmes was expiring, but she ultimately recovered. Last Saturday afternoon, however, she had another fit at about five o’clock, from which she never recovered consciousness, and succumbed at six o’clock on Sunday morning.

She was only 42 years of age, being in the prime of life. She leaves her husband, and nine children, eight daughters and one son, seven living at home, the youngest being four years of age.

The interment took place on Tuesday afternoon at the Conisborough Cemetery, the sad procession leaving the house shortly after three o’clock. Blinds were drawn all along the route in respect of the deceased.

The reverent, J.W.Smith, Wesleyan Minister, read the funeral service. The following were the chief mourners present: Mr Holmes (husband), Mrs Sampson (daughter), Mrs Benton (daughter), and Misses Alathia, Ada, Ethel, Florence and Emily Christabel Holmes (daughter) and John Holmes (son), Mr and Mrs J.T.Hall, Mr and Mrs A Holmes, Mr and Mrs Barton, Mrs Barnsley, Mrs F Holmes, Mr J Holmes, Mr Walter Holmes, Mr G.H.Hall (Sheffield), Mrs Smith, Mrs D. Robinson and Mr G. Roberts

the coffin, which was made of pitch pine, with solid brass mountings, bore the following inscription:

“Mary Ann Barber Holmes, born June 22nd, 1859, died December 8th, 1901”

and was born to the grave by the following: Messrs G. Robinson, George Henry Hirst, G Butcher, and J Rhodehouse.

Mr G Appleyard was the undertaker, and Mr A Lowe supplied the mourning coaches.