Death from Cut Finger

May 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 3

Death from Cut Finger

It was revealed at an inquest held by the Doncaster District Coroner (Mr W.H.Carlile) at Fullerton Hospital Denaby on Friday on Kate Read (62) wife of Robert Read, retired wagon builder, Doncaster Road, Denaby, that death was due to a cut finger, toxaemia developing.

A verdict of “accidental death” was returned.

Robert Read, the widow, said that on April 16 his wife cut the first finger of the left hand with a saw edged knife while she was cutting something at home. She put a light wrapping round the wound, but he got worse, and the witnesses daughter poulticed it. Mrs Read became worse, and as a result she was in bed on April 18.

A doctor was sent for the following day, and he treated her until April 21 when he sent her to Fullerton hospital. She died at the hospital on April 25. Witness said his wife had had normal health for her age.

The Coroner: The doctor says that she was suffering from diabetes

Witness said he was not aware of that fact until his wife went into hospital.

Dr John MacArthur, of Denaby, said he was caught to Mrs Read’s house, and found a very ill she told him that she had cut her finger. The hand and wrist were swollen and inflamed. He prescribed some medicine for her and told her to put some fomentations on the affected part. Dr McArthur said his son saw Mrs Read on the Sunday morning, and ordered her removal to hospital. The hand ready got worse. Mrs Read became delirious and died from toxaemia on Thursday evening. Her condition was such that any wound would not heal very quickly. He had not treated her for a long time. She was not aware that she was suffering from diabetes.