Death of Carlton Henry Allport (picture)

May 1916

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 20 1916

Death of Carlton Henry Allport


The death occurred on Monday evening, from pneumonia, of Mr Carlton Henry Allport, of the Old Hall, Conisborough, at the age of 62, after a brief illness.

Mr Allport was a retired civil servant, and 18 years ago at the close of his official career, he came to reside in Conisborough. He was born in Camberwell, and was educated at Highbury house School, Hastings.

All his working life he spent in the service of the Post Office. When he retired 20 years ago, he held the position of assistant superintendent of the Sheffield Post Office.

He was deeply attached to antiquarian historical research, and he found in Conisborough an inexhaustively rich field for his operation. Indeed he carried his investigation through the whole length and breadth of South Yorkshire, and was as familiar with the ancientries of the Penistone moorland and the traditions of historical Danum as with those Conisborough itself.

He prepared and read innumerable papers for the benefit of local antiquarian and literary societies, and from time to time was a welcome contributor to this journal.

His chief litter effort, however, was a History of Conisbrough, which he published a few years ago. He was infinitely painstaking, and had a genius for collecting historical material from all kinds of unpromising sources. The deductions and surmises by which he bridged the indefinite intervals between the data he amassed, was unfailingly intelligent and feasible; and he had the authors facility for infusing popular interest into moorland matter.

He will be greatly mourned in Conisbrough, for the people that ancient township took an uncommon pride in his labours.

Mr Allport, throughout his residence in Conisborough, devoted himself almost completely to his antiquarian researchers, and was not closely identified with any current movement save the Conisborough literally and debating society, of which he was, naturally a leading and a productive member.

Mr Allport is survived by his widow, the postmistress of Conisborough and one son, Sgt C.C.Allport (Lincolnshire Regiment), a Gallipoli campaign; and a daughter.

The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at the Conisbrough cemetery, amidst many manifestations of sympathy. The reverent W.A.Strawbridge conducted the service. The coffin was of oak, with brass fittings, and the plate was inscribed: “Carleton Henry Allport, died May 30, 1916, aged 62 years.