Death of Mr George Kilner, Thornhill Lees

January 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 7, 1898

Death of Mr George Kilner, Thornhill Lees

We much regret to record the death of Mr George Kilner, senior partner in the firm of Kilner brothers, glass bottle manufacturers, London, Thornhill Lees and Conisborough, which took place at his residence, Forest house, Thornhill Lees on Friday morning the seventh inst.

The deceased gentleman was the second son of Mr John Kilner, of Wooldale, near Holmfirth, founder of the firm of Kilner brothers, was born December 11, 1823, and consequently had entered upon his 75th year. He along with his other brothers learned the practical part of their business, going through the trade in the orthodox fashion. In this way  he gained quite a thorough knowledge of the trade in all its details which served so well in after years, when he became an active partner in the firm.

On 18 April 1864, the Conisborough branch was established, the subject of this notice being managing partner.

Whilst at Conisborough, he for some time lived at Castle View, now occupied by Mr Samuel Whitefield, later residing at the glass works. His located at Conisborough, was only for a  short duration, but during that brief period some of the great difficulties which often beset the establishment of a new branch of business had to be overcome.

One of the greatest of the difficulties was with the ground landlord – the late Mr Andrew Montagu – who possessed a small piece of land at the entrance to the works, and had the gates locked, thus preventing for the time being all progress because of his antipathy to the prospective smoke from the chimney stack.

At this time the Denaby Main Colliery have been sunk and Mr George Kilner, along with a friend with – the late Mr Barron of Mexborough, father of the present members of the firm of Thomas Baron Ltd., Mexborough, which firm was at this time in Chancery – interviewed Mr Montagu and got the interdict withdrawn, they pointed out that there would not be more smoke from the glass works than from the Denaby colliery.