Denaby Utd – Unbeaten Record

December 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times December 14

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Unbeaten Records

An error in these notes on November 30 th caused some comment at Denaby, where the former Midland Leaguers are having a successful debut in the Sheffield Association League. In one sentence I unfortunately shattered Denaby´s unbeaten record – that is, to all intents and purposes. That sentence inferred that Denaby had been defeated by Bolsover Colliery, and actually they have not yet met Bolsover Colliery. I offer my apologies for this mistake, but every cloud has a silver lining and through this some very interesting facts about Denaby´s games this season have been sent by the secretary of the club, Mr. R. H. Shephar

He points out that Denaby have played eleven games and won nine of them. The other two were drawn and they have scored 43 goals against seven. Six of these were away fixtures and five were played at home.

Heading the list of Denaby goal scorers is W. Ardron, who has 24 goals to his credit, and responsible for their position in the Association League. Ardron is a Swinton lad and played for Rotherham United part of last season. His work on the railway makes it impossible for him to try any larger clubs, as his experiment at Rotherham proved.

Burkinshaw has next highest goal average of nine, and Cocker, who incidentally is on Arsenal´s books has netted four goals this season. Gibbs has three goals to his credit, Shelton two and Bratley one.

Denaby have at least three men now in the forces. Davis, right winger went early this year, and was followed in May by Jack Wright, one of the most capable centre halves Denaby have had. The third, and inside forward went later on this year.

However, they are all continuing to play soccer in the Army and are looking forward to the time when they will take the field for Denaby again.