Grimethorpe 1 Conisborough 6 – Hurricane Finish

9 December 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 09

Sheffield Senior Cup (First Round Proper)

Hurricane Finish Set the Seal to Victory
Conisboro´ in Storming Mood

Grimethorpe Rovers 1, Conisborough Welfare 6

A hurricane finish saw Conisborough Welfare further on their way towards winning the Sheffield Senior Cup by the convincing score of six goals to one.

They deserved the right to go forward as a result of sizing up and seizing their opportunities, but as for the game itself, the “cup-tie element”, got the upper hand and a player from each side was sent off by the referee.

Grimethorpe relied on the side that had given Bolsover a hard game in the Association League, but they had not learned from that defeat to discard close passing for open football, a policy adopted from the first kick by their go-ahead opponents, and while they had just as much of the play in the first half they failed to benefit in the essential matter of goal-getting. The Welfare snapped up the chances offered, and half-time found them in front 2-0, the scorers being CLIFFORD and WHITEHEAD.

The Rovers raised hopes in the second half, when good work by Lowbridge and Griffiths paved the way for a goal by MIRFIN, and if Holmes had not missed a glorious chance of equalising a minute later there might have been a different story to tell.

BARKS, from Roberts, put Conisborough still further ahead, and this setback just about settled the fate of the Rovers. CLIFFORD took a chance that came off and BARKS added another while the going was good, CLIFFORD setting the seal to a good afternoon´s work by completing his hat-trick. The last four goals all came in the last 15 minutes.

In Walker, Evans and Haigh the winners had great defenders. It was not Grimethorpe´s “day out”, and they will now watch Welfare´s further progress with interest and wish them all the best. Despite the heavy reverse, Gray did well in goal for the losers.