Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Worksop 3 – Denaby still Unlucky

August 1964

South Yorkshire Times, August 29

Denaby still Unlucky

Denaby United 0  Worksop Town 3

Denaby United’s Midland League meeting with Worksop town on Wednesday, was virtually a repeat of Saturday’s game against Retford, Denaby getting on top by half-time and then letting the initiative slip away.

Their play was much better than Monday showing at Scarborough – Jones especially, at insight forward instead of on the wing, improving almost beyond recognition – but they still suffered an early setback before they settled down.

In the fourth minute, an attempted shot from Stainsby hit a Denaby defenders boot and curled into the air. Stand in goalkeeper Bolwell – who later proved himself extremely good in the air – was caught in two minds and beaten to it by Allott, who headed Worksop into the lead.

When, Denaby did get a grip on themselves There was a lot more urgency this about their play than Worksop, but more method was needed in front of goal and in the middle of the field.

They just missed equalising in the 21st minute when a shot from Cox went across the Worksop go and Kelly’s attempt to slip it inside the post hit goalkeeper Howard. If Stretton could have got hold of Kelly’s pass a couple of minutes sooner and given himself more of the goal to shoot at, Denaby could have been level at a minute before the interval.

Reversal of Form.

Whatever the Denaby players are given to drink at half-time, they should stop having it, for just as on Saturday they faded again in the second half!

They were allowing the Worksop forwards to get nearer the goal before challenging them, and in the 65th minute Stainsby took all the time you wanted in beating a couple of men and steadying himself before putting Worksop two up.

Denaby chances again went begging when twice within a minute. Jones missed converting rebound from other shots. They were difficult but not impossible.

Denaby may delay recovery effort – after Tracey and met. Tomlinson’s 81st minute pass perfectly to any Worksop third – but by then their opportunity had gone.

Team: Bolwell 7; Wroe 7, Foster 7; Roberts 6, Taylor 6, Harvey 7; Kelly 6, Stretton 6, Bell 6, Jones 7, Cox 6