Denaby Ambulance Division – Annual Inspection

September 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 26, 1925

Denaby Ambulance Division
Annual Inspection

The annual parade and inspection of the Denaby St Johns ambulance division was held at Denaby on Sunday. Owing to the bad weather, the inspection had to be held in the large Hall. There were 331 members of the ambulance division present, and 87 members of the nursing division.

The inspecting officer was assistant commissioner H. C. Harrison, He was accompanied by assistant commissioner to be. H. Chambers; district officer G. Serving; county surgeon J. J. Huey: corps supt. H. Holy, and corps officer to be. Still.

The strength of the corps on parade was as follows.

Denaby (corps officers, W. Still and G. H. Milne’s. Supt. S. E. Spruce. Ambulance offices J. Whimpenny, and J. W. Cook, and Sergeant Major J. L. M. Mills), 98.

Cadeby ( supt. W. Wilkinson and ambulance offices D. Grass and M. Soar) 65.

Wath (Div. Surgeon J. Forrest Milton, and Amb. Officer W. Whick) 22.

Goldthorpe, 49.

Conisborough (supt. C. Farrel and Corps officer C. J. Pickett), 41.

Askerm (Div. Surgeon. E. Mattock, supt. M. Evans, and Amb. Officer G. Davies), 22, Mexborough (supt. W. V. Simpkins), 17, and

Maltby (supt. M. Gabbitas), 22, making a total of 331

The nursing division corps were represented as follows:

Denaby (Lady supt. Mrs. L. Farrell, Lady Amb. Offices Mrs. E. Cooke, Mrs. L. B. Château and Miss G. Clayton), 21. Conisborough (Lady supt. Mrs. M. Charlton and Lady amb officer Mrs. Nock), 21. Askern (lady supt. Miss A. B. Phillips, nursing officer Miss E. Whitton, and Lady ambulance. Officer A. G. Goodman), 17.

Mexborough (lady supt, H. Yates), five, making a total of 87.

The Denaby ambulance corps band played selections during the inspection, which attracted a large attendance of spectators.

At the close, assistant commissioner H. C. Harrison addressed the gathering and said he had been delighted with the inspection which had passed off extremely well. He was highly satisfied with everyone. It was a pity rain had spoilt the outward appearance of the parade. But he was pleased to see so many on parade. Someone else (referring to Mr. W. H. Chambers) was also present who was very proud of the division. He hoped they would go on increasing in numbers until that Hall would not large enough to hold them. He extended to them his best wishes in their endeavours.