Denaby & Cadeby Emergency Feeding of Children Fund

July 1921

In the second quarter of 1921 we read about the Coal Strike and how 4,600 meals each day were provided to the Children of Conisbrough and Denaby Main. The Mexborough & Swinton Times published all the finances involved to provide an insight into what made the communities in the Pit Villages so special:

Mexborough & Swinton Times, July 23rd 1921

Denaby and Cadeby Emergency Feeding of Children Fund

These funds have are given over 330,000 meals to Children and Milk and Eggs have been supplied to all maternity cases.

The committee wished to tender their thanks to all subscribers and also to all the local tradespeople who have given, so generously.

Special mention should be made of the following:

Messrs J. Drabble, C. Farrell, W. Crowcroft, Conisbrough Working Men’s Co-op, Denaby Main Co-op, W.V .Simpkins, Hall and Sons, reverent father Kavanagh, W.I. Gibbs, Mullins, Watson and Sons, W. Twiby, A.E. Berry, W. Mawson, H. Dutton, A. Glasby, Baker brothers, J. Asher, J. Roberts, W. Appleyard, A. Sagar, C. Rayner, J. Kelsall, H. Hall, Planet Trading Co., Scott, Achrill, W. Hirst, J. Kelly, Mrs Bottrill, M. Scrimshaw, A. Lee, Denaby and Cadeby Main Colliery Co

signed on behalf of the Committee.

Tom Hill, President

George Smith, Financial Secretary

Albert Wood, Treasurer

Jonas Shelton, Corresponding Secretary

Financial Statement Financial Statement