Denaby and Cadeby to Resume Work

July 1937

Leeds Mercury July 19, 1937

Denaby and Cadeby to Resume Work

As the result of decisions taken yesterday by boys from 14 to 21 years of age, 7500 miners at 3 pits in the Conisborough area will resume work.

The men were rendered idle by strikes at the Denaby, Cadeby and Yorkshire Main (Edlington) pits of haulage hand over grievances in connection with wages and conditions.

A joint meeting of the Denaby and Cadeby haulage hands was held at the Welfare Institute Denaby yesterday when an address was given by Mr J Hall, financial secretary to the Yorkshire Mineworkers Association and the lads agreed to resume work on conditions that their grievances were brought before the notice of the management.

Two lads from each pit were appointed to join the branch officials in the negotiations.