Denaby and Cadeby United 125 for 3 Mexborough 121

11 June 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 11 June 1910

Denaby and Cadeby United 125 for 3 Mexborough 121

The Denaby festival opened at noon on Monday with a match against their Mexboro’ neighbours. The number of spectators present at the opening was very small

Mexborough secured the advantage of batting first on a wicket that was not quite up to Denaby’s good reputation in this respect. The ground was as hard as adament, and the pitch was inclined to be fiery.

At the outset the visitors met with misfortune, Mellors being ” snapped” at the wicket before he had scored. W. Nicholson, junr., was easily run out, and two men had gone for four runs. The two Robinsons were bowling finely, and runs accrued very slowly. The re-appearance of W. Nicholson. snr., in league cricket came as a great surprise to those who had his cricket career at an end. However, he justified his inclusion in the team by collecting a dozen runs much more carefully than was his wont during his best games. W. H. Thorpe gut in some good smacks before being bowled by a ” bail ” ball by Bromfield. W. P. Turner and W. Brown becoming associated, Mexborough’s prospects improved considerably. Brown, by means of some really smart hitting, and Turner by effective driving and late cuts, helped up the score immensely. Pete, Horton, and Bromfield were all knocked off, and the 100 appeared on the board with only four wickets gone. This was the only point of the game when Mexborough appeared to have a chance of winning. Soon after, however, misfortune came along and Turner was bowled off his pads by Robinson. His score of 47 was a most useful contribution. The complete collapse which followed was unexpected and inexcusable. Brown was caught at point with his score at 32, and the rest of the aide made no effort at all and all were out at 121. To say the least, the sudden collapse took a good deal of heart out of the Mexlmeo . side, and it was realised that on such a fast scoring wicket the total was far too small to give much hope of winning the game for Mexboro’.

Mexborough scores:
Mellors c Narroway b GL Robinson  5
W Nicholson jun run out 1
W Nicholson sen b Hoften 12
Turner a Robinson 47
Thorpe b Bromfield 11
Brown c Taylor b A Robinson 32
R Nicholson b GL Robinson 0
Scott Bromfield b GL Robinson 2
Hewitt not out 1
Williamson c Bury b Robinson 9
Hulley c Narroway GL Robinson 0
Extras 6
Total 121

A Robinson 13 6 21 3
GL Robinson 14.2 3 24 4
L Hoften 7 0 32 1
E Peate 2 0 14 0
E Bromfield  4 0 24 1

Denaby, on an easy wicket, tackled their task with confidence, and Mexborough’ never looked like winning. Arthur Robinson played a maiden over back to Brown, and in the next over Esland pulled “Wally” Nicholson finely to the leg boundary ; Then ensued an unpleasant incident. Arthor Robinson rot Brown away for a singly., and two balls later an express ball from Brown kicked and hit Esland with terrific force over the temple. Esland dropped, and it some minutes before he recovered sufficiently to be conveyed from the field. Meanwhile. Esland’s brother, who was in scoring box. intensely affected by the sight, fainted, and had to be taken into the pavilion.

” Billy ” Smith had gone to Esland’s creams and from the outset the bowling had no terrors for this pair. The outfield’s was fast and fours were plentiful. Brown saw dozens of runs made off his bowling behind the wicket. “Billy” Scott was called up in place of Nicholson, but the only effect was to increase the rate of scoring, and the batsmen seemed very double when “Billy” Smith edged one from Brown and it was smartly held by Williamson.

Smith had put 22 together in a very short time, and fiftv was up. Then Brown went and Wally Nicholson took up the Church end. He was almost immediately successful, for Arthur Robinson shared a similar fate to that of Smith. He edged one, and Mellor had him.

Luther Robinson first ball looked like a let-off. There was a creak and Brown, at second slip, knocked the ball up and failed to take it at the amend attempt. I understand, however, that Robinson did not take the ball. Peate began to score rapidly, and Mellor and Williamson were tried in vain. The Yorkshire Tyke should, however, have had his career cut short at 20, for in ” backing up” he was half-way down the wicket when M. P. Turner slung the ball in from cover, and W. Nicholson, jun, in the excitement of the moment, failed to gather it.

Luther Robinson survived an appeal by ” Wally” Nichobion for l.b.w. and was given out for that offence next ball, very much to, his surprise. The hundred was up, and Mexborough’ had not a ghost of a chance. Narroway came in to help Peate to rub the remaining runs. When the Mexborough soore of 121 was reached, Brown went on the Pavilion end, and his first hall Denaby win with a leg-bye, the game being concluded shortly after four o’clock. It was a fine win for Denaby and the ease with which they scored, after Mexborough’ failed, showed that there is something seriously wrong with either Mexborough’s batting or bowling.

Denaby’s scores:

Esland retired hurt 4
A Robinson c Miller b W Nicholson jun 28
W Smith c Williamson b Brown 22
Peate not out 41
GL Robinson b Nicholson jun  5
Narroway not out 6
Extras 19
Total (3 wkts) 125

W Brown 11 2 27 1
W Nicholson jnr 9 2 36 2
W Scott 5 0 24 0
H Mellors 3 0 11 0
S Williamson 2 0 7 0