Denaby and Cadeby United Cricket Club Annual Meeting

January 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 01 January 1909

Denaby and Cadeby United Cricket Club Annual Meeting

Mr Y. H. Witty presided over the adjourned annual meeting of the Denaby and Cadeby United Cricket Club, held last night, at the Denaby Main Hotel.

From the reports submitted by Mr G. L. Robinson, it appeared that the club had played 22 matches last season, in the Mexborough and District Cricket League, winning eight, drawing seven, and losing seven, with credit aggregate of 23 points.

Total runs scored by Denaby were 2,478, which worked out at an average of 15.48 per wicket. Opponents made 2,508, or an average of 15.18 per wicket.

  1. H. Pennington, the ex-Notts County goalkeeper, headed the batting returns with average of 31 for five innings, but the real strength of the batting was in the hands of W. Smith 518 runs, average 27.5; G. L. Robinson, 753 runs, average 21.1; J. Stott, 284 runs, average 18.14; P. Bury, 303 runs, average 21.9; and A. Robinson. 199 runs average 16.1.
  2. L. Robinson had the best bowling figures with 33 wickets at a cost of 10.2 a-piece. A. Smith took 23 wickets, L Hofton 21, W. Scott 35. and E. Vernon 22.

The financial statement showed income £231 5s 11d., and expenditure £214 0s. 5d., leaving credit balance of £17 5s. 6d. The receipts included £51 4s, 6d. subscriptions. £15 13s., hon. members and vice-presidents, £23 3s., Denabv Main Colliery Co. £34 14s. gates; and £30 4s. 4d. from the annual visit of Mr. G. S. Marple’s Derbyshire Eleven

The election of officers resulted as follows-

President, W. H Chambers; hon. secretary. Mr. P. Bury (Mr G. L. Robinson having resigned after a long period of valuable service to the club) assistant secretary, Mr. S. R. Johnson; treasurer, Mr. H. S. Witty; captain first team, Mr C Bury; vice-captain Mr. P. Bury; captain second team, Mr. E. Sheldrake; vice-captain, Mr. W. Cooke