Denaby and District XIV. v. Mr. G. S. Marples Derbyshire XII. (picture)

August 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 26, 1905

Denaby and District XIV. v. Mr. G. S. Marples Derbyshire XII.
Good Batting by A. Turner and F. Turner.
Warrens Deadly Expresses.
Ollivarre in Form.
The Visitors Close Win.

Denaby and District 162

A Turner (Hickleton) 41, F Turner (Swinton) 40; A Warren 8-64

Derbyshire 168 for 7

C A Oliverre 50, T Forrester 38*; W Scott 3-10

The fates in the shape of the weather were more propitious on the second occasion Mr. G. Marples brought his team to Denaby. A tremendous amount of interest was taken in the match, and great was a disappointment in the district 3 weeks ago when, through the downpour of rain, the match had to be abandoned.

Thorough sportsman as Mr. Marples is he very kindly promised to bring the team a second chance, so as not to disappoint the crowd who had rallied round the locals.

Mr Marples was as good as his word, and brought a rattling team with him, which included Messrs. L. G. Wright, E. M. Ashcroft. C. A. Olliverre, F. C. Hunter, Cadman, Wellington, Morton, and Humphreys, who had regularly assisted the County team.

The locals had mustered an excellent team, having W. P. Turner, the Mexborough skipper (who last year against the same team made 99), A. Turner, the coming country batsmen from Hickleton, Fred Turner, Swinton, who lately has been showing such fine form, Irving Washington,fresh from his century not out the previous day, Albert Jagger, the Rotherham crack, and F. Barker, the old Denaby professional. In addition there was P. Bury, G. L. Robinson, A. Smith, A. Robinson, W. Narroway, W. Scott, Percy Knowles, and “Captain” Chas Bury.


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