Denaby and the Diamond Jubilee

June 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 11, 1897

Denaby and the Diamond Jubilee

The committee appointed at the last meeting to consider schemes for the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee met last night at Denaby Main.

Mr WH Chambers took the chair, and explain the various schemes that were adopted at the previous meeting, namely, the erection of a Cottage Hospital, and a treat to the old people and children. He also said their object that night was to arrange how to get the subscriptions.

Mr Witty said that since the previous meeting he had received several offers of subscriptions. He said besides several subscription from gentlemen in Mexborough, Dr Twigg, Mr Thompson, Mr Biggs, he had several other suchlike offers.

Mr Weston said he was glad to see the old people and children were going to have a treat. With regard to the hospital it will be a great blessing to the village. He thought everybody would see the need of such an institution in the village. He should be pleased to do anything in his power towards the movement. He promised to give five guineas.

Mr Soar said it would not be much trouble in giving the tea, but with regard to the hospital it would cost a large sum, although after it was erected it would not cost so much.

The Chairman said in his opinion the best plan will be to do as much as possible among themselves. He remarked about the generous offer from Mr Pope. He thought a hospital was a necessity. When a man got badly hurt at the colliery it was too far to bring him into Mexborough, he ought to be brought to place nearby. They ought to have a nurse to attend bad cases outside the hospital as well as inside. The hospital would be able to arrange for about four or five beds.

Mr Witty was glad to hear of the generous gift of Mr Weston. He however thought there was some ill feeling against the hospital scheme, and he hoped if anybody had any feeling they would give it there.

Mr Wray said he had been waiting to see if anyone had anything to say against that hospital scheme. He thought that a hospital would be of immense service to the village, and that, when it was erected people would not like to see it go down. He should not like to ask Mr Pope to give anything more than what he had promised. There were about 1000 children going to have a tea, and if Mr Pope was going to supply the funds for it he would have done above his share. He should give three Guinness towards the object.

Mr Witty said he had seen the officials at some of the collieries, and they said the men were in sympathy with the movement. The men he thought would give a subscription, and the secretary was going to write to the prosperous gentlemen in the district, asking for subscriptions.

Mr Croft mentioned the manner in which the Montagu cottage Hospital at Mexborough succeeded, and he thought they would be able to succeed just as well.

Mr Schofield, as one of the committee of the Mexborough hospital, was with the rest, glad to hear that they were going to have a hospital at Denaby. (Hear, hear). He had no hesitation in saying that a hospital would be a great success if only proper attention was given to the patient, and that, he thought was a necessity. He should do all he possibly could to obtain a hospital for Denaby.

Mr Witty was glad to hear from Mr Schofield that the Mexborough Hospital Committee were in sympathy with them.

Mr Tennant moved that the resolution proposed at the previous meeting be confirmed.

Mr Wray seconded and it was carried.

It was decided on the motion of Mr Witty, that Mr Weston be treasurer; this was seconded by Mr Tennant and carried.

Mrs Kaye was elected secretary.

A committee was appointed to look after the treat to the old people and children as follows:

Mrs Soar, Mrs Soar Tennant, Upson, Cramp and Edwards.