Denaby Assault

December 1917

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 1, 1917

Denaby Assault.

Two Denaby miners, Percy Bamford and Haden Hulse were summoned for haying been drunk and disorderly, and the latter was  charged with assaulting. P.S. Lewendon and P.C. Kaye on Monday.

Sgt. Lewendon said he and P.C. Kaye were on duty on Low road, Conisboro’, when they saw the prisoners, who were drunk, using bad language, and creating a disturbance. Bamford had on a soldier’s cap, and he told him to give it to the soldier, who was there, and he did so. Hulse then became abusive. He refused to go away when requested, and again used bad language. Witness then called upon Kaye to assist him, but Bamford got behind the officer, seized his arms, and tried to prevent him from rendering assistance. Hulse kicked Kaye on the legs and struck him on the face, .and also struck the sergeant in the ribs very violent blows.

The men were fined 20s. each for having been drunk, and disorderly, Haden Hulse was committed to prison for a month for the assault.