Denaby Baths Damaged

June 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 June 1911

Denaby Baths Damaged

Harold Fleming, pony driver of Denaby, did not appear to answer that a charge of doing wilful damage to a fence, the property of the Denaby Parish Council. It was stated that the lad was under 16.

The assistant clerk: then the court will have to be cleared if the case is to be heard here, or the magistrates will have to adjourn to the second court.

There was an unusually large number of spectators in the building.

Mr Allen: Do you mean to tell me that you can’t try in the presence of others if the lad doesn’t appear?

The Assistant Clerk: It is the law. The Children’s Act provides that when a child is on trial none but those interested in the case are to be present. The court is fairly full now.

Mr Allen: But surely the contamination would not extend to Denaby.

The Assistant Clerk: It doesn’t matter.

The case was accordingly heard in the other court. From the evidence it appeared that the lad had damaged the fencing round the Denaby Baths to the amount of 4/-. A great deal of damage had lately been done at the place.

A fine of 14 shillings inclusive was imposed.