Denaby Baths – Opening Unlikely in Next Few Months

January 1951

South Yorkshire Times, January 27th 1951

Denaby Baths

Opening Unlikely in Next Few Months

Conisbrough Youth Council, who have asked Conisbrough Urban Council whether there is any possibility of the Baths Hall being used for swimming soon, have had a reply from the Council saying that there is not much possibility of the Denaby Baths being put into operation in the next few months, that every avenue is being explored, and that there are many obstacles to be overcome.

The main difficulty which faces the Baths Committee in their plans for re-opening the baths is the demand for a chlorination and filtration plant, and the Youth Council were told on Tuesday that the cost of structural and re-planning developments in the baths would amount to about £14,500 —which the Urban Council could not entirely pay themselves.

The Youth Council decided to send a note of thanks to the Baths Committee for the efforts they are making towards opening the hall and asking, in view of the essential need for swimming facilities in the district, for even more progress.