Denaby Baths Plan Hitch

50 1950

South Yorkshire Times May 20, 1950

Denaby Baths Plan Hitch

Owing to unforeseen difficulties which have arisen, Conisbrough Urban Council will be unable to co-operate jointly with Mexborough Urban Council over a suggested scheme for the improvement of Denaby Baths.

Mexborough have accepted a Conisbrough invitation to inspect the plans for the improvement, and Conisbrough are to forward the plans for inspection, but they will also send a deputation to Mexborough to explain the position fully to Mexborough Councillors.

The deputation will consist of Couns. G. Cheshire, H. Gomersall, B. Roberts, D. Sheldon and R. H. Shephard.

Mexborough are anxious to provide swimming baths for Mexborough people and Conisbrough are anxious to install a chlorination plant in order that swimming facilities, not available for more than 10 years may be available again.