Denaby Betting House

August 1932

South Yorkshire Times, Friday, August 26, 1932

Denaby Betting House

At Doncaster on Saturday Margaret A. Meghown, described as a bookmaker, of Denaby, was summoned for using a betting house at Maltby Street, Denaby and Ellis Hodgkiss, miner occupier of the premises, was accused of permitting them to be used for this purpose.

Both defendants, who pleaded “guilty” and said they were doing it to make a living, because of the short time at the pits, were fined £5.

P.c. Nutter said he kept observations on the house from 12-30 to 2-30 p.m. on the three days beginning July 19th and 45. 43 and 36 persons entered it on those days .

P.s. Waugh said that when the police raided the house on July and, Meghown and three other persons ran through the back door. Meghown threw 20 betting slips into a tub of water but witness recovered them. Witness found number of betting slips, a sporting paper, and several small sums of money in the house. When charged, Hodgkin said: “Be as light as you can. I do a bit of booking up for her as she can’t write.”

Meghown replied “I am doing this on my own.”