Denaby Blaze Damaged Shop

April 1967

South Yorkshire Times, April 8, 1967

Denaby Blaze Damaged Shop

A fire which seriously damaged a Denaby Main shop early on Wednesday morning could have set a whole block alike but for a fortunate coincidence.

The blaze was fought to have been started by an electrical fault in the N. C. B., owned shop housing the tobacconists and men’s hairdressing business of Mr Bernard Blagden and his wife, Gladys, in Doncaster Road.

It was discovered at 3 a.m. by a police constable on his way to investigate an alarm at a nearby shop and he telephoned for the Fire Brigade.

Firemen from Conisbrough extinguish the flames and Mr and Mrs Blagden were telephoned at 45, Osgodby Crescent, Scarborough.

On arrival at Denaby they found structural damage estimated at about £800, and Mrs Blagden, who has been in the business for 30 years, said that at least £2000 worth of stock had been ruined “it was a fortunate coincidence that the policemen were passing, or the whole block could have gone up,” said Mrs Blagden.