Denaby Boxing

5 June 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 June 1931

Denaby Boxing.

Once again Fred Evans (Denaby) was disappointed when his opponent failed to turn up, but he had a tough not to crack in Fitzgerald (Maltby), on the Denaby football ground on Friday. From the outset Evans was out-boxed and the referee (Sid Breeze) intervened in the second round.

Davies (Denaby) had a gruelling contest with Whitehouse (Maltby). The bout went the six sounds and Davies was returned the winner.

There was an abrupt termination to the bout between Sharpies (Denaby) and Connelly (Maltby). In the first seconds of the opening round Connelly, with a straight right, seat Sharpies down for 7. Both were erratic in the next round and midway Connelly went down for four, then took tha full count.

Two three stone midgets from Maltby. Davis and Smith, gave an exhibition over three rounds

The “top-liner” was between Kelley (Conisboro) and Connelly (Maltby), over six rounds, but it ended in the third when Kelley, who up to that point, held a long lead, took a technical knockout. He slipped on the canvas and banged his head on the boards.

There was a big contrast in build when Ashurst (Denby) end Evans (Maltby) stepped into the ring and it appeared likely that the latter would polish of his opponent in the first round. But the bout went the full distance for Ashurst to win on points after a gruelling contest. .

Mr. T. Reay. on behalf of Regan (Maltby). challenged Steve Farman for £25 a-side, for the best purse, over 12 or I5 rounds at Sat. 2, , give or take 2lbs. Mr. Frank Lane accepted on condition that the weights were 8 st 4 lbs,. give or take 2lbs.

Regan and Firman have met four times. Regan has won once and Firman twice. The last time they met, at Sheffield, early this year, Firman, who lost on points, entered the ring with his left knee in bandages through an accident the same morning. Firman has been seeking a return bout ever since. There is a possibility of the next bout taking place at the Plant Hotel.