Denaby Boy Disappears – Verdict of Found Drowned

February 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 11 February 1911

Denaby Boy Disappears

Verdict of Found Drowned

An inquest took place in the body of James Hall, which was recovered from the canal near the Toll bar terminus at Mexborough on Friday, in Primitive Methodist Institute on Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

Mr J Kenyon Parker, deputy coroner for the Sheffield district, conducted the enquiry.

The first witness called was James Robinson, dataller at Cadeby colliery, who give evidence as to the finding of the body.

The Coroner: Did you know the deceased?

Witness: No, sir; it was first time I have seen him

The next witness was Jane Hall, mother of the deceased.

The coroner: What is your husband?

Witness: He is a miner. She first heard that something had happened to her son from a boy named Edward Wath.

The Coroner: What did you Wath tell you? – He said he had left him.

Did he say when he had left him? – No, sir.

Did Wath tell you they were playing together, and your son disappeared? – Yes.

And you knew nothing more about him to leave was got out of the canal? – No, sir.

You’re quite sure he’s your son? – Yes, sir.

Had he something the matter with his little finger? – Yes, sir: he once had it in the wringing machine.

How long was that before? – A few days before.

Which hand was it? – The left hand sir.

The next witness was Edward Wath, who said he was 11, and lived at new Conisbrough.

The Coroner: Did you know the boy all? – Yes.

When did you last see him? – Sunday.

Where you and he play near the crossing? – Yes sir; we went for a walk.

Did you go by the canal? – No, sir.

What were you doing? – We were playing near some pipes.

How was it he got away without you seeing it? – I don’t know.

Did you see him again? – No, sir.

What did you do then? – I went across some fields, and was shouting him a long time, and then I went home.

Who did you tell first about it? – Mrs Hall.

You went and told his mother you had lost him? – Yes, sir.

Was it very far from the canal where you are playing with the pipes? – No, sir.

This concluded the evidence, and the jury brought in a verdict of “Found Drowned.”