Denaby Boy loses Eye – Hit By Missile at Film Matinee

December 1948

South Yorkshire Times December 4, 1948

Denaby Boy Loses Eye  

Hit by Missile at Film Matinee

A ten year old Denaby boy, David Booth, of 10, Balby Street, this week lies in the Sheffield Royal Hospital after undergoing a major operation involving the removal of his left eye.

David, who lives with foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Holland, on Saturday afternoon asked to be allowed to go to a children’s cinema matinee with several friends.

Mrs. Holland said “this was unusual, but he said it was a cowboy film he wanted to see, so I let him go. David was watching the film when suddenly he cried out. He said afterwards something had struck his left eye.”

His friends ran home to inform his foster parents and Mr. Holland, who is an excellent first aid man, attended to the wound before the boy was taken to hospital, and by 5 o clock he was in hospital.

Mrs. Holland told our reporter:

“I can hardly believe it. David has been so happy here and so popular with everyone. But I don’t think it will make him bitter. He’s such a at the natural boy.”

David who attends the Station Rd, School Conisbrough as lived with Mr and Mrs Holland for two years

A piece of coal the size of an egg was later found in the cinema and has been handed over to the police.

David was stated to be comfortable last night