Denaby Burning Accident – Frying Chips on Fire

January 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times January 11, 1935

Denaby Burning Accident – Frying Chips on Fire

Laura Robinson, wife of Mr. Arthur Robinson, Balby Street (secretary of the Fullerton Hospital Sports Committee) had to receive treatment at the Fullerton Hospital on Wednesday for burns to the left side of the face and to the left hand.

About 5 p.m. Mr. Robinson was frying some chips on the fire when the pan suddenly burst into flames. Her son, Sidney snatched the pan from the fire.

Mrs. Robinson then moved it to a safer position and threw the jug of water over it. Immediately there was an explosion and the flames leapt up the left side Mrs. Robinson’s body.

Dr. Forde was summoned and Mrs. Robinson was removed to the hospital.