Denaby C.C. – Annual Meeting

March 1915

The war and the coming season.
Captain’s resignation.

The annual meeting of the Denaby cricket club was held in the large Hall, Denaby, on Monday evening, Mr W.H.Chambers (Pres) presiding.

Sound finances.

The the honourable secretary (Mr C.P.Chambers) read the balance sheet, which showed that, after meeting all liabilities, the club had a balancing and £94 18s 6d. He also stated that at a meeting of the committee, the bowling section asked the committee if they could see their way to make a grant so as to allow them to purchase medals. It was resolved that the proposal be not entertained.

Cricket and the war

Election of officials was then proceeded with.

Mr W.H.Chambers was re-elected president: and Mr C.P.Chambers secretary.

Mr C.W.Philips, on being proposed for re-election to the position of captain of the first team, said that he wished to withdraw from that position. He believed in playing the game for the enjoyment that he got out of it, and he did not think that the state of affairs existing in the country left much enjoyment in cricket. He knew that a good many of them at to stay at home because they could not enlist in any branch of the Army, but still there would be a large number of young, eligible men who ought to be fighting instead of playing cricket. Although there would be a lot of people would find some recreation out of it, there would be a large number of young men would pay for admission to watch the matches, besides a lot of eligible persons against whom they would have to play during the coming season.

The chairman moved that they defer the election of further officials of the team until after the next meeting of the committee.

Mr Hewitt seconded and this course was adopted.


Mr C.W.Phillips moved a vote of congratulation to Mr Arthur Robinson in having gained the “double event” (the batting and the bowling honours).

The chairman said he wished to add his congratulations to Mr Robinson on his success, Mr Robinson had been a staunch supporter of the club for many years, and he was glad to see that he was getting better instead of worse. He would also like to congratulate the club on the sterling cricket they had played, the position they held in the competition, and, above all, the spirit that had pervaded the all season. The conduct and general behaviour of the players had been very notable, and it was indeed an honour for him to be a gain elected to be their president.

On the proposition of Mr H.W.Smith, a vote of condolence was passed with the a widow and family of the late president of the Mexborough and district Cricket league (Mr Walter Nicholson). The vote was carried, all the members standing.

This of thanks were moved to the Denaby and Cadeby colliery company, and to the hon. secretary: and a vote of congratulation was accorded to the bowling team on their success in winning the challenge cup in the Doncaster and district league.