Denaby & Cadeby – An Acquisition.

17 August 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 17 August 1912

An Acquisition.

We have an acquisition to the cricketing strength of the Mexborough League in the person of Mr. H. W. Smith, the new manager of the Denaby Main colliery, who has already joined the Denaby team, and has, I understand, got permission to play in the Mexborough League.

He has played in the best cricket in that grand cricketing county, Warwickshire, and his appearances with the champion county itself have only been limited because of his duties at the Ansley Hall Colliery. He has made one appearance with them this year, and that was against his native county of Derbyshire.

He comes with an exceedingly good reputation as a batsman, and the good sportsmen of Denaby are very curious to see how he shapes. He will find of Mexborough League cricket no joy, and I have no doubt them will be a good deal of mutual respect knocking about.

At the time of writing it is announced that he is to make his first appearance in the Mexboro’ match. It is rather sudden to break a newcomer in with Brown, but even “Billy” has had a few surprises.