Denaby & Cadeby – Bullcroft 222 Denaby 127 for 3 – Denaby Bowling Collared

5 August 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 August 1932

Denaby Bowling Collared

The Denaby bowlers had a thin time on the Bullcroft ground. The Bullcroft opening pair were in great form, and took the total into three figures before a success went Denaby’s way, and in the end Denaby had a heavy total to face. They did not attempt the big task, though they had no difficulty in saving the game, being 95 behind at the close with seven wickets standing. Wright played a notable part with the bat.



G Hutchinson c Allen b Wild 65 B Palmer c Wainwright b Robinson 49, W Shaw lbw b Robinson 18, E Middleton c Wright b Robinson 17, E Shaw b Wild 7, R Middleton b Wild 17, E Hardwick c Foster b Robinson 0, G Spencer not out 8, A Luke run out 21, J Hill lbw b Robinson 0, J Shaw st Allen b Robinson 0, extras 20; total 222.


E Wainwright lbw b R Middleton 18, I Greenwood b Hutchinson 15, J Wright not out 52, H Foster c Hardwick b Hutchinson 23, E Robinson not out 11, extras 8; total (for 3 wickets), 127.

What A Fall Was There!

Hickleton provided another of the surprises by heating the leaders. Mitchell Main, in an eventful game. Hickleton got runs fairly easily after the fall of the first five wickets. But after getting 106 runs for five they were dismissed for 128.

Mitchell’s smart fielding was, perhaps, their biggest asset. But for smart returns Hickleton’s total would have been a good deal bigger.

Mitchell opened confidently, with Kilner scoring freely, and before he was dismissed there were 85 runs on the board. Then came a collapse. With a little over 40 runs required they lost their remaining nine wickets and added only 22 of them.

It was Turner who turned the game with a brilliant bowling performance. He took 5 wickets for 18 runs. The batsmen had the utmost difficulty in getting him away, and the fielding left little to be desired. It was a remarkable finish to a remarkable match.



A Turner c Fieldhouse b Evans 23, R Senior b Broadhead 0, W Fawden b Utting 25, J Yardley b Broadhead 23, C Probert c Kilner b Evans 0, J Riley c Holliday b Evans 25, M Silverwood c and b Broadhead 12, H Senior b Utting 13, C Overton not out 4, R Probert b Broadhead 1, Stansfield c Swift b Broadhead 0, extras 2; total 120.


C Kilner c C Probert b Turner 51, H Fieldhouse c Senior b Turner 2 Burkinshaw b C Probert 37, Holliday b Turner 2 C V Utting c C Probert bTurner 2, E Evans c Silverwood b Turner 0, J Senior c Turner b C Probert 1, M T Daykin b S Probert 3, E Broadhead b Turner 0, W Swift b C Probert 0, Brooks not out 6, extras 5; total 107.