Denaby & Cadeby – Bullcroft Main 201  Denaby . 214 for 7 – Win at Bullcroft.

13 July 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 13 July 1931

Denaby Win at Bullcroft.

Bullcroft Main 201  Denaby & Cadeby. 214 for 7

There was a feast of runs, four and a halt hours, when Denaby and Cadebv defeated Bullcroft, at Bullcroft, by three wickets.

Bullcroft’s ninth wicket put on 56, while the opening pair scored 83.

Denabv had made 182 for four when four wickets fell for eight runs.

For Denaby, Wild took four for 61, and for Bullcroft, Middleton took three for 25


Bullcroft Main

G. Hutchinson, c Springthorpe, Richards, 15: E. Hardwick, c Greenwood, b Downing. 51; M. Lupton. c Tibbles, b Wild, 21: G. Spencer, c Tibbles, b Richards, ; E. Shaw, c Tibbles, b Wild. 0; A. Allberrv. c Springthorpe, b Proberts, 0; R. Middleton, c Richards, b Wild, 26; E. Humphries, b Wild, 0: A. Luke, c Proberts, b Springthorpe, 36; C. Driver b Downing, 26; G. Roebuck, not out extras. 23 total 201

Denaby and Cadeby.

E. Tibbles, Ibw, Middleton. 47; I. Greenwood, b Shaw, 52; E Wainwright, not out, 35; E. Robinson, Ibw, b Hutchinson, 44; R. Proberts, c Hutchinson b Luke, 13; J. Richards b Middleton, 1; B. Clarkson, run out, 1; A. Springtborpe c Spencer, b Middleton, 0; C. Downing, not out, 2: extras, 19; total (for 7 wickets), 214.