Denaby & Cadeby C.C. – Preview of Season

April 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 20, 1907

Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club

The club takes the field on Saturday and the players have had very little practice. However, in this rough and ready district of ours a bowler is not long in getting his length, and the batsmen gets his eye in with alacrity.

So far as the players themselves go, there has been one loss and two gains, so that the club may face its enemies with a good deal of equanimity.

Wharton has left the district, and it is hardly likely that the dusky smiter will again don the red and black cap.

In his place comes a young man with all the majesty of a reputation. Wright, who has accomplished such wonders at centre forward for the football club, is now settled down, and is picked to play at Hoyland against Hoyland on Saturday. He is a left-hander, sends down a fastball with plenty of venom in it. He has come to Denaby from Renishaw, but he has been a soldier playing in good class cricket at Aldershot. He is a very fair bat, I understand, all through a valuable asset.

Then there is a pride of Conisbrough, F Nesbitt, who can turn his hand to anything in the sporting line, and distinguish himself. He is enlisted with the Denaby club, and although he has not played in some very good class cricket, he may trouble some of the crack backs with his fast, perfect length balls.

As to the old players they are indeed a happy family. Under the captaincy of that Sportsman of sportsman Mr C Bury, and including cricketing giants of the calibre of Luther Robinson, Arthur Robinson, Narroway, Scott and the two Smiths, with Mr Percy Bury, one really marvels that such a collection of players under such a wise government should fail repeatedly to lift the Whitworth Cup.

They however, are all fit, and all are determined to make their presence felt to some purpose. Narraway appears in a new role, that a professional. This talented wicket-keeper probably reached his high water mark last year, both in that capacity and with the bat. He emanated from the Oval ground staff, but certainly his Denaby career is one of which he might justly be proud. Several clubs in the higher walks of cricket in life are casting envious eyes on him, but there is a strong likelihood of his remaining an ornament, a very useful one, to the Denaby team.