Denaby & Cadeby Cricket – Handed Back By Trustees – No More Free Sport.

March 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times Friday March 4th 1927.

Denaby and Cadeby Cricket.
Handed Back By Welfare Trustees.
No More Free Sport.

The Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club faced a crisis in its affairs at the annual meeting of members last night. The meeting agreed to proposals to take over from the Welfare Fund trustees, who have run the club for three years, the responsibility and financing of the game in Denaby, and fixed a scale of membership fees.

Mr W. Hulley Presided.

An Interesting Season.

The report of the secretary, Mr G. T. Worthington, told of a successful playing season for the first team, who were the only side unbeaten in the ordinary Yorkshire Council fixtures, though for the second time they came to grief in the semi finals.

They played 26 games, won 11, lost one (semi-final), and drew 14.

Mr, Worthington drew attention to the number of drawn gains and to the fact that he, on the instructions of his committee, seconded the proposal of South Kirkby to alter the system of reckoning in the council table by allowing three points for a win instead of two, and one for a draw. The proposal was, however, defeated by 29 votes to 27.

The second team played 20 games in the Doncaster league. Won 9, lost 6, and drew 5.

The first team scored 3,568 runs for the loss of 146 wickets, an average of 24.6 runs per wicket; against 2,551 runs for 191 wickets, an average of 13.3

R.M. Carlin headed the batting averages with 672 runs for 20 innings, his average being 44.8; and W Larke was the most successful bowler with 61 wickets for 687 runs, an average age of 11.2.

In the second team the averages were headed by H. Foster, who scored 345 runs in 14 innings, an average of 31.3 and the bowling averages by J. Jeffcote, with 31 wickets for 440 runs, an average of 12.9.

A prize for the most consistently good fielding during the season by a second team member. Given by Mr T. Hadfield, was won by W. E. Wainwright. In the coming season the club will pay in the Yorkshire Council and Doncaster league.

The chairman congratulated both teams. At the third time of asking he felt sure they would win the Yorkshire Council championship. They wanted as much interest in their club – with which the tennis and bowls sections of the welfare scheme where now amalgamated – as possible, because of the financial position.

Last season was an abnormal one. The trustees of the Welfare Fund found it impossible to carry on the club alone any longer. Everything had been free while they had been responsible. They must now put themselves on an economic basis. They must put into operation machinery similar to that they had in 1923 and 1924. They could only do that by returning to the charge for admission and for membership.

The Welfare Fund would still provide a grant. The amount of which they could not state at present, but it would be such as would necessitate the club finding must have its own finance. The tennis and bowls sections had agreed to a scheme which had been prepared by the old committee and their job now was to win back the support of many people in the district who had relaxed their interests while the welfare trustees had shouldered the whole responsibility. It amounted to this: that if their sport was worthwhile. They would have to pay for it.

Everyone interested in keeping Yorkshire Council cricket and the other games in Denaby must put their shoulder to the wheel. The charges they were going to make were probably cheaper than they could get the same facilities for anywhere, and he appealed for their enthusiastic support to the recommendations of the committee.

The committee recommended the formation of a committee of 18 members. 12 representing the cricket section, three each the bowls and tennis section; and the following scale of members fees: –

Ground member (admission to matches only) 4/–

Bowls                                                                       5/–

Tennis                                                                      7/6

Cricket and bowls                                                  10/–

All games                                                                15/–

That leaves the tennis and cricket playing membership fees the same as the last season, but the bowls fee is doubled