Denaby & Cadeby – Debaby 135 Mexborough 125 for 6 – Prolonged Rain prevents Certain Victory.

8 August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 August 1930

Prolonged Showers

Rob Mexboro’ of Certain Victory.

Had it not been for the rain Mexboro’ would have easily accounted for their local rivals, Denaby, on Saturday. When time was reached, they bad 4 wickets in hand and required only 11 runs to win. A heavy shower during Denaby’s innings stopped play for about 20 minutes, and there was another hold lip of equal duration during Mexboro’s innings.

Even then, Mexboro’ might have rubbed off the runs in time but for delays incidental to re-placing the field. It was a game full of incident and the spirit of rivalry was as’ keen as ever. The barrackers were often busy.

Denaby made a poor start. With the score at 8 Tibbles sent the ball on to his wicket in trying to turn it to leg, and a few minutes later it rained in sympathy with him. The players were off for about 20 minutes. Further disaster came when Vollens drove the ball to cover point with the score at 30 and called to Greenwood to run. He did but turned beck, and before Vollens’ could reach his crease, Broadhead had skittled the wickets with a brilliant throw-in.

Greenwood alone could bold the fort. Broadhead took over at 32 and runs later induced Probert to put up a catch to Williams. White bowled Richards at 57. Robinson could not refrain from lifting the ball and left after adding a single to the score, and Hammond followed 11 runs later, having added only one. His dismissal caused some controversy. He appeared to pull the ball round to leg, but when he started to run it was seen that his wicket was broken. Whether he broke it or whether the stumper did (that is what Hammond claimed) is difficult to say, but the umpire did not seem to have any doubts.

Things brightened up with the appearance of Springthorpe, and the score mounted to 103 before the partnership was ‘severed by Bateson, who broke Springthorpe’s wicket in his efforts. Greenwood followed 8 runs later to a left-banded catch by White, and the whole side was dismissed for 135. Broadhead took 4 for 36 and Bateson 2 for 17.

Broadhead and Ambler opened the innings for Mexboro’, the former in hurricane fashion. He drove and cut all round the wicket, but with the score at 28 he came out to a full pitched ball from Robinson, and misjudging its flight smote the air. In the meantime Tibbles had removed the bails. Shortly after rain stopped play.

On the resumption Mexboro’ forced the pace in inferior light, The crowd several times questioned the umpire’s decisions, and a little dalliance in the field caused some annoyance, but it was more apparent than real. With Just a little more luck Mexboro’ would have won. Probert took 5 wickets for 39 runs.


Denaby – Tibbles b Day 7, Greenwood c White b Batman 65, Vollans run out 11, Probert c Williams b Broadhead 6, Richards b White 6, Robinson c Day b Broadhead 1, Hammond hit wkt. b Broadhead 1, Springthorpe b Batemann 20, Pattison c Scarcliffe b Broadhead 12, Holland b Carr 6, Wilkinson not out extras 6; total 135.

Mexboro’ – Broadhead st Tibbles b Robinson 26, Ambler lbw Probert 33, Brown c Tibbles b Probert 16, Williams c Holland b Probert 0, Hukin c Tibbles b Probert 29, Bateman b Probert 6, not out 2, extras 15; total (for 6 wickets). 126.