Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 111 Wath 113 for 7 – Dour Struggle For Wath.

28 August 1931

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 28 August 1931

Stubborn Denaby.

Dour Struggle For Wath.

Denaby & Cadeby 111 Wath 113 for 7

Wath gained an exciting win by 3 wickets in their vital game with Denaby at Wath.

The Denaby innings was not an entertaining affair. Indeed, with the exception of an interlude by Ellis Robinson it was a dreary one. Greenwood and Tibbles used the greatest caution against Pearce and Hargreaves, and the first ten overs brought only nine runs. Greenwood was in dogged mood and his score remained at one for fully half-an-1 hour, when Feirn took the first wicket, hitting Tibbles’ middle stump, the score was 24, the product of an hour’s play. Wainwright carried on the policy. Hargreaves, taking the ball for second time, got Greenwood caught at the wicket, a ruling the batsman did not like. Another weary partnership between Wainwright and knitter was ended by Feirn, who livened up the proceedings by taking two wickets in quick succession. Then came Robinson’s bright period. Off five consecutive oven by Feirn and Hargreaves he hit 26. The partnership realised 41, of which this promising youngster made 35. Springthorpe stayed four overs and failed to score. Feirn had another spell with the ball and got Ogley caught and bowled. ; These sharp wickets put the brake on the scoring again after Stancey had bowled seven overs for 3 wickets and 5 runs. Wainwright, for a hundred minutes exercised extreme caution and scored 18. For almost half this; time his score stood at 10. Downing and Hough were offering some resistance when Len Cutts was called up and provided the’ weary crowd with matter for ironical comment. When his second ball upset Hough’s; wicket the spectators literally rocked!

The innings lasted two and three-quarter hours for 111, scored off 63 overs. Denaby thus averaged less than 2 runs an over. Feirn took 4 wickets for 38 runs.

Wath made a disastrous start. Potts was bowled by Springthorpe with the last ball of the first over. Ellis and Senior were making steady progress when a dramatic change care over the game. Three wickets fell rapidly and Wath were 4 down for 34. This necessitated caution, but to win runs had to be scored at a fair rate. Hargreaves and Cutts saved a collapse, though the captain was fortunate when Hough missed a sitter at fine leg. Downing split the partnership, and with 76 runs on the board Wath had 7 wickets down.

The situation was critical and the tension was high. Hargreaves was the calmest person on the ground apparently. He continued to attack the bowling in characteristic style. Pearce batted excellently and was content to hold one end, and when possible sneak the single to give Hargreaves the bowling. Hargreaves kept the score moving and the crowd cheered every run. Hargreaves completed a magnificent half-century and almost immediately afterwards Pearce made the winning hit, to give Wath a hard-earned and meritorious victory with 10 minutes to spare.

To Hargreaves most of the credit is due. During his long connection with Wath no innings has been more valuable. It was a valiant effort in a crisis and the innings of a match-winner.

Springthorpe bowled well and took 3 wickets for 36 runs.


Denaby : E Tibbles b Feirn 15, I Greenwood c Shaw b Hargreaves 11, E Wainwright c Hargreaves b Pearce 18, A Foster Potts b Feirn 2. H Vollens b Feirn 0, E Robinson c and b Stancey 35. A Springthorpe b Stancey 0, F Ogley c and b Fein 0, E Downing c and b Hargreaves 15, A Hough le Cutts 2, S Wild net out 2, extras 7: total 111.

Wath : C Potts b Springthorpe 3, B Senior c Greenwood b Springthorpe 18, S Ellis c Robinson b Springthorpe 11, T Hargreaves not out 66 , S Jewsbury c Tibbles b Wild 0, L Cutts c Foster b Swinburne b Downing 4, G Feirn b Wild 0, F Pearce not out 7, extras 5; total (for 7 wkts) 113.