Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 112 for 8 Ackworth 208 for 8

27 August 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 27 August 1921

Denaby & Cadeby 112 for 8 Ackworth 208 for 8

Ackworth visited Denby Main tor the return match on Saturday and it was drawn in of the visitors, who were beaten on their own ground by Denaby a couple of months ago.

A feature of the match was the fine batting of Ted Peate, an old Denahy player, who scored 67 against his former clubmates.

Ackworth took first knock, and made good use of the easy wicket, though the fielding was exceptionally smart, and Irving Turner tell a victim to it, Arthur Robinson throwing him out. Ted Peate hit the first hall he received for four, and should then have been caught in his first over. Fox was well taken at first slip, when Ackworth were one short of the hundred, and the batsman one short of his fifty. Narraway was very smart behind the stumps, got rid of two dangerous men. Ackworth declared at 202 for 8 leaving Denaby time to get the runs.

Denaby, however. opened badly, G. L. Robinson. Narraway, Widdison and Worthington being sent back for under 20. Tibbles made a stand. but Shoosmith and Arthur Robinson were quickly dismissed, and when Jack Eyre and Reg. Soar came together at the fall of the eighth wicket, Denaby seemed to be in a hopeless position. Eyre and Soar, however, batted manfully, playing out time, and put on over 40 runs, easily saving the game, and raising the Denaby score to 112.

Luther Robinson was the most successful of the home bowlers, with 4 for 27. Turton, for Ackworth, took 4 for 27.



H Fieldhouse st Narraway b A. Robinson 11, I Turner run out 28, J Fox c Tibbles b Shoosmith 49, E Peate c Widdison b Robinson 64, L. Turton st Narraway b G. L. Robinson 2, P Thompson lbw G.L. Robinson 20, G Hoyland b G.L. Robinson 0, B Audsley c Foster b R. Soar 22, G.Field not out 3, E Slater not out 2 , extras 5

Total (for 8 wkts, declared) 208


G L Robinson b Turton  2 Narraway b Fox 9, Widdison b Turton 9, Worthington Ibw b Audsley 8 Foster c Hoyland b Audsley  8, A Robinson b Turton 5 , Tibbles Ibw b Turton 28, Shoosmith b Audsley four, Eyre not out 25 ,  R Soar not out 17, extras 9

Total for 8 (wkts) 112