Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 128 for 0 Bentley 125

August 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 12 1927

Denaby 128 for 0 Bentley 125

Denaby were with again without RC Higgins, who is suffering with an injured foot. Not one of the visitors was really at home to the Denaby bowling. Shoosmith’s first four overs were maidens, also claiming two wickets with two “New Yorkers.” The last six Bentley wickets fell very sharp for 32 runs. But still Denaby are very weak in Bowling, and will probably find a difference when they meet a strong batting side.

Then his usual pair opened their innings and from the very first ball Tibbles drove it to the boundary for four, which was a good sign they would win. It took Tibbles (70 not out) and Greenwood (57 not out) 65 minutes to score 128, without being defeated. In reaching the 100, this made the fourth occasion this season that these two batsmen have scored 100 runs or more for the first wicket, and altogether since they joined Denaby they have scored hundred for the first wicket more than 25 times.

Greenwood should easily reaches 1,000 runs for this season, he has so far 822, and is still five more matches to plane. Tibbles hit eight fours and Greenwood seven.