Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 128 Hoyland 68 – Denaby’s Substantial Win

August 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 5, 1905

Denaby’s Substantial Win

Denaby  & Cadeby  128  Hoyland Silkstone  68

The Denaby wicket had by no means recovered from the morning’s rain, and was disposed to assist the bowlers when the home side having won the toss, went into bat against Hoyland Silkstone.

Runs were never easy to get and at the outset it looked as if Denaby were in for disaster when “Crick” Smith, Luther Robinson, Narraway, and Arthur Robinson were all disposed of cheaply, aggregating only nine runs among them. W Smith was another comparative failure, being out for another nine only, but then came Scott, who mowed the bowling about untill he had totalled 46, Edwards having meanwhile made a useful 19. Then came “Jud” Hardy with 14, Arthur Wharton with 11, and finally a total of 128, nothing whatever to brag about.

But it was far too strong for Hoyland’s health, and the visitors were sent to the right about for 68 all told. Clamp got 21. Fred Bamforth 20, and Oxspring 10, but the rest of the side were only worth 16 between them.

Arthur Robinson and “Crick” Smith did some very destructive bowling the latter taking five wickets for 24 runs.

The victory keeps Denaby on level terms with Hickleton Main for the championship of the league, although as well be seen from the table below both have a slightly lower percentage of points than Wombwell main.