Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 138 for 8 Wath 137 – Win for Denaby – Nothing to Spare

July 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 1, 1905

A Win for Denaby

Denaby 138 for 8 Wath 137

The result of the encounter between Wath Athletic and Denaby and Cadeby, at Denaby, on Saturday, was a victory for the home team, who, however, had nothing to spare.

Wath, who batted first, knocked up 137, towards which, Wright contributed a capital 53, remarkable for some hard-driving, while Harry Allen got 27. Luther Robinson, for Denaby, again bowled splendidly. He was on for 17 overs, six of which were maidens, and although Wright got at him a bit, he came out with the excellent analysis of five wickets for 53.

Denaby lost eight wickets in running off the runs, and had only a few minutes left when the winning hit was made. Percy Bury again did his side good service with 59 not out, while Narroway made 26, Knowles 14, A. Smith 11, and George Hardy 13 not.

The latter’s innings was particularly meritorious, as Denaby’s chance of winning the match was problematic when he went in. Bernard Wilkinson, who had come and to bowl the second time, had established a tot, taking four wickets with successive balls, and it required a steady nerve to steady the tide which threatened disaster. Wilkinson’s average worked out to 7.