Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 162 for 7 Hickleton 161- Match Decided by Fielding Blunders

August 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 15, 1925

Match Decided by Fielding Blunders.

Denaby 162 for 7 Hickleton 161

At Denaby on Saturday, Hickleton Main gave Denaby some shocks before the latter won by three wickets. Had Smith. H. Senior, Glover, and Ernest Aitken taken fairly simple chances during the Denaby innings, Hickleton would have probably have completed a “double” over Denaby.

Hickleton, taking first innings, lost Turner, Ensor and Bennett for 17 runs. But Arthur Senior and Williamson put on 86 for the four wickets. Then Senior (53) was fifth out after batting 1 ½ hours. Five wickets then fell for 36 runs, and Denaby had before them a task that seemed well within their powers, despite the absence of Greenwood and Narroway.

When Denaby batted, Tibbles and Vollens scored 50 for the first wicket, and Wainwright helped to add 27 for the second. But then four more wickets fell for 57 runs, and Denaby had to fight hard. It was then that Worthington played his saving innings, but the really decisive factor was the failure of Hickleton fieldsmen to take a couple of chances offered by Worthington. He and Higgins, mainly by sharp runs, then bought the scores level. Even then Shoesmith should have gone without a run added, but another chance was dropped and the winning run was the result. The dropped chances were the more curious as Hickleton fielding was of a rare keenness on the ground, Hinchcliffe being particularly smart. Glovers 4 for 46 would have been considerably improved but for those blunders.

Higgins had the best howling figures for Denaby 4 for 48. Worthington took three for 43. Sam Kennedy, was training at Fulham to prevent him playing any further cricket this season, was given the opportunity towards the close of the Hickleton innings to get the two wickets he needed to make him for the season in Council cricket. Gloverl was his only victim.