Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 169 for 8 Mexborough 200 for 9 – “Derby Day” at Denaby

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 10, 1905

“Derby Day” at Denaby
Denaby 169 for 8 Mexborough 200 for 9 dec.

Quite 1000 persons were present at the above match. This feature is always regarded as “Derby Day” at Denaby, so keen is the friendly rivalry existing between players and spectators of both sides. The wicket was in perfect condition. The batting shown on both sides was splendid. The game ended in such a position that either team might have won. To my mind the outstanding feature of the game was Mr C Bury’s most excellent display of feeling, such as would have done credit to Jessop himself.

Batting first, Mexborough by means of Walter Nicholson and Siddall made an unexpectedly welcome good start. They scored the first 40 runs in 10 minutes. Seven bowlers were tried before a separation was affected, with the total just past the 100. Nicholson was out to a slow break ball by Butler. He had shown much of his former brilliance in his innings of 45. Soon after Siddall was out for a grand innings of 60. Two wickets then fell quickly, Machin and Turner both being dismissed by Butler. Tommy Hakin and Walter Bennett made a useful stand, and gradually the score began to assume useful dimensional. Butler played soundly for 24, until Narraway found a way to his wicket. Another stand was made by Hakin and Thorpe, the latter hitting out very luckily. Hakin was in a long time for 11, and Thorpe’s 32 was a merry contribution.

The Mexborough captain declared at 200, leaving the Denaby team fully two hours cricket. Butler came out with a good analysis of five for 34 and Narroway three for 35.

It was evident Denaby intended to make an effort to win. A Smith, who accompanied the Oval recruit, Narroway, hit out vigorously. Both had good luck, the former being missed in the long field, while the latter was dead out lbw, but the umpire gave him in, and apologised afterwards for doing so. So the score went on to 40, when Smith was out, his share being 33. Arthur Robinson came in, and eat out fearlessly. At one time the bowling was fairly college, while the Mexborough fielding was very poor. Narroway was missing long field, and should easily have been run out. The 100 went up with only one wicket down, and Denaby’s chances were rosy, but a change came over the scene. Turner caught Arthur Robinson in front of the pavilion, after scoring 27. Luther Robinson was caught and bowled without scoring and Narroway was caught by Tommy Hakin at deep leg for 36. Narroway played good cricket, but he was extremely fortunate. P Bury came to the rescue and play brilliantly. Scott and Knowles rendered useful assistance, and when time was called Denaby scored 169 for 8 wickets, the game being left in a very open state. Bury carried out his bat for a faultless 45.