Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 176 for 6 Swinton 85 – Severe Ill Usage of Swinton

July 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 15 1895

Severe Ill Usage of Swinton

Denaby 176 for 6 Swinton 85

Denaby and Cadeby visited Swinton on Saturday, and left behind them a profound feeling of ill usage.

Batting first, the colliery club knocked the Swinton about to the time of 176 for six wickets, when they declared. Arthur Wharton, the old and mature champion sprinter, was the chief offender with 46 not out, there were no fewer than half a dozen other double-figure scorers. A. Robinson made 26, George Wimpey 21. Percy Bury 22, while “Crick” Smith weighed in with 22 not out, Scott got 11 and A. Smith 10. Wharton’s was the liveliest as well as the biggest innings for Arthur, when he is in the humour, it’s hard, high and often.

Swinton were allowed to live long enough to score 85, and put, and but for Fred Turner (who made 28), Rigby who got 22, and Skaw 13, they would have approached nowhere near that total, the remaining seven members of the team being good enough for only 20 runs between them.

The principal cause of Swinton’s downfall was the bowling of A. Smith, who took eight Swinton wickets for 35 runs. He only once hit the stumps, but he bowled with a deceptive leg break, which tempted the batsmen to hit out at him, with the result that four of them never hit the ball at all, and were stumped. Narrow ways performance was something to be proud of, and Denaby are to be congratulated upon securing a wicket keeper of his class, he is. I am told, only 19, and as he is Yorkshire born there is no telling what the future may hold for him.