Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 201 for 5 Mexborough 128 – Denaby Always Dictated ‘Derby’

6 August 1960

South Yorkshire Times, Saturday, August 6, 1960

Denaby Always Dictated Mexboro ‘Derby’

What a lot they got! What they got? Batting strength bowling strength and confidence. This was an analysis of Denaby and Cadeby’s performance against Mexborough on Monday.

Denaby dictated the final outcome from the moment their openers A. Ellis (72), and R. Dodds (39), commenced the Denaby innings. These two batted confidently and made 50 without loss.

Inspired by the beautiful stroke play of his partner Dodds started to take chances and was dropped by Mexborough’s Police Sergeant Mark Womersley when he had made 37.

Two runs later he was well held by J. Hampstead off an M. Dickens delivery.

Oakley joined Ellis at the wicket, and these two took the score to 141 before Womersley gained revenge for his earlier mistake when he bowled Ellis with a delivery that clipped the top of the bails,

Impressive Score

Although Womersley bowled well the Mexborough attack never looked like breaking through, and Denaby eft the field with an impressive total of 201 for five.

Mexborough were soon in trouble against the Denaby spin and pace attack of P. Elkin (four for 59) and N. Pearson (five for 18).

These two came close to taking “hat-trick” each.

Their skill plus the confidence “close in” Denaby fielding worried the fumbling Mexborough batsmen from the start.

Only A. Davies (20) and J. Hempstead (67) put up any fight against the Denaby onslaught.

Coming in a No. 5. Hempstead played a clever innings, and with the score at 100 for five, looked like anchoring the Mexboroug slide.

Unfortunately, it only proved to delay the final outcome, and the remaining batsmen collapsed under a terrific onslaught by Pearson. Mexborough were dismissed for 128.

Rawmarsh Victory at Swinton

Rawmarsh, with six wickets to spare, defeated home team Swinton, after a hard struggle on Monday. Runs were made slowly and it took Swinton two and a quarter hours to score 132 runs all out and Rawmarsh two hours before they succeeded with 136 for four.

Despite the low scoring rate, both teams were determined to make the best of it, and the bowlers found it hard to break the lengthy partnerships.

Swinton tried six bowlers, but only three succeeded, Palmer took two for 27, Knutton one for 21 and Johnson one for 10. For Rawmarsh Price took four for 29, Smith three for 43, Johnson two for 39 and Reeves one for 13

Highest scorer of the match was Rawmarsh’s G. Griffiths, not out 54, R, Johnson scored 35, and H Parkin 23. Highest Swinton scorers were T. Walker (44), and F. Knutton (24).