Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 226 Collegiate 234 for 4 – Fine Performance by Collegiate

July 1928

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 30 July 1928

Fine Performance by Collegiate

Denaby 226 Collegiate 234 for 4

Sheffield Collegiate put up another fine performance at Abbeydale Park on Saturday, defeating Denaby by six wickets.

Denaby had four wickets down for 25 runs, and then L. Palmer and Foster took the total to 164 before the latter was beaten. He had scored 55. One run only was added to the total when Palmer was beaten by Cooper. The outgoing batsman had hit a brilliant 89, which included fifteen 4’s. Kennedy had a breezy knock for his 35 not out. innings closed 226.

Collegiate found tho bowling of Denaby very moderate, and, scoring rapidly, passed the visitors’ total in two hours, and for the loss of only four wickets. T. A. W. White was in line form again, scoring 54. L. C Barber and H. Watson-Smith —in a capital partnership! took the score from 133 to 234, and both batsmen wore not out

A.V. Cooper bowled well for the winners. He took nine wickets for 78 runs, and one period had three wickets for one run.


Denaby and Cadeby. —R. M. Carlin, b Cooper, 2; J. Greenwood, c and b Beardsmore, 10; J.Palmer, st Watson – Smith b Cooper, 0; R. Patterson, c B. H. Barber b  Cooper, 0 : L. Palmer, b Cooper, 89; H. Poster, c Gow, b Cooper, 55; A. Robinson, st Watson – Smith, Cooper, 3; S. Kennedy, not out, 35; B. B. Clarkson, Cooper, 0; H. Shoesmith, B. Barber, b Cooper, 17: R, Higgins, c Parley, b Cooper, 0; extras, 15; total, 226.

Sheffield Collegiate.—L. B. Berber, not out, 56; J. W. Hiles, c Clarkson, Kennedy, ; T. A. W. White, Higgins, 54; J. C. Gow, L. Palmer, 5; H. Watson-Smith, not out, 71; A. V. Cooper, b Kennedy, 8 ; extras, 15; total (for 4 wkts), 234.