Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 229 for 3 Bentley 180 for 8 – Bentley’s Stubborn Tail.

July 1935

Denaby Baulked.

Bentley’s Stubborn Tail.

Denaby were denied victory by a stubborn Bentley tail on Saturday. Denaby’s opening pair, Wainwright and Greenwood, for the first time this season passed the 100 before being parted, after 69 minutes. Wainwright, who was missed at 20, after making 70 was bowled by Scott. He hit 12 fours and six. Greenwood had scored 45 when he was joined by Wright, the latter scoring 18 while Greenwood completed his fifty. Greenwood began to open his shoulders and after scoring another 19 was smartly caught by Seniscal. Greenwood had 11 fours and a five in his 69. Wright, after making a quick 38, was bowled by D E Fletcher. Reville, who was promoted in the batting list, and Probert took the score to 229, when the innings was declared.

Eddie Burbanks, the former Denaby United outside-left, opened the Bentley innings with Bunting. He had only scored 10 when he was bowled by Mountney. Bunting and Chambers added another 79, when Bunting was run out after making 39. He skied a ball and ran, Chambers standing still. Wainwright dropped the catch out threw the ball in before Bunting could get back. Reville claimed the wickets of Chambers, D E Fletcher, Maddison and Baker, which brought the total to 109 for 6. Scott and Brookes then sat on the splice for the next 30 minutes. After Probert had sent down five overs, four being maidens, for four runs, and Reville four maidens, Probert dismissed Scott. At last Brookes was stumped off Reville. The total was 142 for 8 with 25 minutes to go. The Denaby captain called on Joe Wright, but the game ended with the score 180 for 8. For Bentley, D E Fletcher took 3 for 40, and for Denaby, Reville had 5 for 61, Mountney 1 for 36 and Probert 1for 4.