Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby’s Defeat – Denaby Team Surprises Us

June 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 1, 1907

Denaby’s Defeat.
The Denaby Team Surprises Us.

We had no idea that a team bearing the splendid traditions of the Denaby side could have so futile an attack, or so miserable a defence.

Perhaps, though, we do them an injustice. We must remember the bowling of Scott the valiant, but vain attempt at a partnership between the brothers Robinson; and the mixed character of the team in general.

And above all, we must remember that the splendid Swinton trio of bowlers were at work, and that the wicket was after the hearts of at least two of them.

Remembering this, we may realise that after all, there were causes that work for the overthrow of the team which has so often made a bold bid for the championship. It must have been painfully obvious to the Denaby crowd on Saturday that the very much improved Swinton held the whip hand throughout.

Week by week we became more impressed with Swinton’s splendid bowling resources. There is not a large staff of bowlers. Indeed, so far as we can see. Mr Radcliffe’s choice is limited practically to Turner, Brookes, Harrison, and Taylor, the first free are leading bowlers in the league, and are difficult to tire, while Taylor is a useful change. There are great possibilities in the bowling department. Turner, Harrison, and Brookes got three wickets each at a cost of three runs, but even these brilliant performances do not excel Scott spell of bowling six wickets for 25. Scott came on when Taylor and Turner had played themselves in, and had laid the foundation for a very good total. But Scott did his work well, and until the brothers Robinson find their true form he must be dubbed Denaby’s most reliable bowler.

We notice Mr Percy Bury on Saturday in the unnatural role of spectator. When will he don the flannels and come to the aid of his distressed aside?