Denaby & Cadeby – E.S.C. 116 Denaby 202 for 7 – Denaby Give E.S.C. A Hard Buffeting.

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 2nd, 1956

Denaby Give E.S.C. A Hard Buffeting.

At Bellhouse Road, Denaby and Cadeby gave E.S.C. A punishing two hours in Saturday’s Council fixture during which they scored 202 for 7 wickets, after making 90 for 2 in the first hour. It was a grand wicket, and opening bat Arthur Ellis went through undefeated to score 129; a really grand show.

E.S.C. Saw the danger early on and decided to put up the shutters to all-comers.

Denaby claimed the extra five overs and it was in the last of these that the last home wicket fell with their total 116. T. Hollowood made 31. For Denaby E. Waddington had 5 for 27.