Denaby & Cadeby – Frickley 205 Denaby 206 for 9 – Best Finish for Two Seasons

July 1937

Star Green ’Un July 24, 1937

Best Finish for Two Seasons

Frickley colliery, was shown improved form recently, met with a cheque by providing Denaby with their second win, but not before the big crowd seen at Westfield Lane this season at thoroughly enjoyed a thrilling finish.

What had been a rather tame game suddenly developed into a tense struggle from which Denaby, with their last pair together, emerged victors.

Frickley made a useful scoring of 205, a particular pleasing feature been the innings of 66 by young Arthur Ward, was had a disappointing season, but showed the spectators that he had recovered his old confidence by treating them to delightful display.

Denaby were given a sound start by I Greenwood, their opening batsmen, with a contribution of 60, and when the eighth wicket fell with the score level with Frickley’s total they appeared to have no cause for alarm.

Then the fun began. Wathey, who but a few moments before had sent the ball crashing through the adjoining school window for a six, and his stump uprooted by Dyson, and with the last pair together the scores were still equal.

The Frickley fielders), when Porter tried a big hit, Ford, the West Ham United and former Rotherham back was applauded for a smart bit of fielding and a quick return. Off the next ball, however, Porter got a single to give Denaby the points.

This was cricket with the kicking it, and it was the best finish seen at South Elmsall both this season and last.