Denaby & Cadeby  – Hickleton  192   Denaby  96  for 6 – Denaby Bowling Thumped

4 May 1912

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 04 May 1912

Denaby Bowling Thumped

Hickleton  192                                                         Denaby and Cadeby  96  for 6

A Turner 56; GL Robinson 5 for 56                      G.L.Robinson 41*

Denaby and Cadeby nearly got a bad shaking in their opening match of the season, which they played at Thurnscoe on Saturday, for Hickleton, taking the wickets first, got the best that there was any, and put up a fairly formidable score of 192. The foundations for this was made by Alban Turner, who with a well hit 56, is early among the half century makers; and Arthur Senior, who with his characteristic quiet and steady batting, put up 29, and the two defied the bowling of the brothers Robinson, and Palmer for over an hour. When the separation was affected, Luther Robinson got to work in his old sweet style, I am glad to see him back at the bowling crease well and sound.

Jack Ayre and Ernest Beckett improved the score with some entertaining batting, and the lack of effective variety in the Denaby Bowling is shown up. Under the circumstances, Luther Robinson figures, five for 56, were not bad, but Mr Charles Bury must look out for good fast bowler from somewhere, if the Cup is to be recovered.

The feature of the Denaby reply was Luther Robinson steady stand. He was unbeaten with 41 to his credit when stumps were drawn with six wickets down, and his batting undoubtedly saved Denaby a point.

By the way, the ground must have presented an animated scene, for on one side a Hickleton League cricket match was in progress, and the other a Sheffield Association football match.