Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough. 147 Denaby 148 for 6 – Four Wickets to Spare

20 July 1931

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 20 July 1931

Denaby Have Four Wickets to Spare Against Mexborough.

Thanks to a splendid innings by Foster (59 not out), Denabv were able to beat Mexborough at Denaby by four wickets.

Brown, of Mexborough, had ten 4’s in his innings of 56.



W. Broadhead, c and b Wild, 6; D. Brown, b Wild, 56: G. Williams, b Springthorpe, 11: Crowcroft, c Foster, b Mild. 16; R. White,c Foster, b Wild, 1; F. Allen, c and b Probert, 5; D. Bowman, c Vollans, b Wild, 8; A. Carr, c Richards, Probert. 30; J. Robinson, c Richards, b Wild, 0; A. Day. Ibw, b Probert, 0: J. Green, not out, O; extras, 14; total, 147.

Denaby and Cadeby

E. Tibbles, c Williams, b Bowman, 5: E Wainwright, Ibw, b Day, 18; A. S. Vollans. b White, 2: M. Foster, not out, 59; E. P. Robinson, c Broadhead, b Allen, 28; R. Probert, st Green, b Allen, 22; J. Richards, c Green, b Broadhead, 7; A. Springthorpe, not out 1; extras, 8; total (for six wickets), 148