Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 227 for 8 Denaby 49 – Denaby Share Swinton’s Fate

June 1935

Mexborough & Swinton Times 28 June 1935

Another Great Win
Denaby Share Swinton’s Fate

Glorious weather and a perfect wicket! Mexborough second Feast match with Denaby attracted a large crowd to Hampden Road on Monday and provided exhilarating cricket. There was a threat early in the game of a stodgy display, but Mountford played a glorious forcing innings and quickly dispelled any threat of a quiet afternoon. Mexborough put on 227 for eight before declaring, but even the most optimistic of spectators would not have hoped for the sensational collapse which Rawlin and Bayes were responsible for after the tea interval. Denaby were all out in little over an hour for 49 !

With Burkinshaw out for 3, Brown and Bayes made the “going” good while they were at the wicket. Bayes was not the hard-hitting Mountford, but was quite effective and set Mexborough well on the way to a good score with a useful 37. Brown seemed to be settling down when he lost his wicket through attempting to snatch a doubtful run. Mountford gave only one chance, and this seemed the turning point in the Mexborough innings. Dawson and Rawlin treated the crowd to 5 minutes hard-hitting before Rawlin was lbw to Holland. Bowman and Targus carried the total to 227. Denaby might have done better in the field, Mountford was dropping 23, a costly miss. Bays was also missed at 21. Wainwright, who on Saturday took five for 17 against Frickley, bowed consistently.

After tea, within 55 minutes seven Denaby wickets had fallen for 44 runs. Rawlin and Bayes had the Denaby batsmen all at sea. Six runs were on the board at the fall of the first wicket, nine for the second, 21 for the third, 37 for the fourth and only 7 more for their next three wickets. Rawlin was very accurate and fast. Mountney could hardly have seen the ball which beat him. It flipped the balls and flew to the boundary. The rest of the team backed up well in the field. The last two wickets fell to Rawlins unfaltering pace, and the game was over by 7 o’clock. Rawlin took five for 20. Bayes had four for 25 and backed up his colleague very well. It was a great victory” feast match.

Scores: Mexborough: R Burkinshaw b Holland 3, D Brown St Allen b Wainwright 17, C Bayes b Mountney 37, E Mountford c Allen b Wainright 77, W Dawson run out 23, E Rawlin lbw b Holland 10, T Clayton lbw b Holland 0, A Westlake b Holland 0, D Bowman not out 34, A Taragus not out 18, extras 8; total ( for 8 wkts dec.) 227.

Denaby: E Wainright run out 14, I Greenwood b Rawlin 4, J Wright b Bayes 3, J Batty b Bayes 2, C Mountney b Rawlin 2, B Robinson c Burkinshaw b Bayes 0, G Allen B Bayes 2, W Holland c Mountford b Rawlin 1, A V Hough c Burkinshaw b Rawlin 0, extras 4; total 49.