Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 50 Denaby 100 for 5 – Denaby’s Deadly Bowling.

June 1906

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 23, 1906

Denaby’s Deadly Bowling.
Mexboro’ Outplayed.

The third match of the series resulted in a smashing victory for Denaby. Mexboro’ were soundly beaten, there being no doubt about this point. The wicket was perfect and Mexboro had the good fortune to win the toss, and it was expected that they would emulate to a great extent, their performance of the previous day. They were at all events quite unprepared for the sensational cricket which was witnessed by a fair ring of spectators. We cannot refrain from mentioning here that the Mexboro’ fixtures have been very unfortunately arranged. To have four matches in one week is too much, and players cannot afford to lose so much time for the sake of cricket. The Denaby match, too, should never have been played on a Wednesday and it would have made a difference of £5 at least to Mexboro’s exchequer had the game been played on a Saturday.

Now, for the game. Turner and Nicholson batted over half and hour for seven runs, when the former was clean bowled in trying to hit Scott. Further sensation followed. Frost had only scored a single when he made a half stroke and was well caught by Captain Bury. Rennett also was bowled, and Tommy Hakin was out first ball. Five of the best wickets had gone for eight runs, and Mexboro’s case seemed hopelessly lost. Luther Robinson and Scott had bowled beautifully, both keeping an admirable length. At 12 Hague, the hero of the previous day’s match, was clean bowled by Robinson. Then followed a welcome stand by A. Mitchell and Ted Hewitt, who raised the score to 43 by resolute cricket. Eventually Robinson bowled Mitchell who had scored. Soon after Hewitt, when nicely well set was given out lbw for a meritorious 16. The end soon came, the total being just 50.

For Denaby, L. Robinson took five wickets for 23, and Scott five for 21 – a good performance on a hard and sound wicket.

It was generally recognised that the score was a poor one, and the issue was never really doubted. W. Smith and Stott commenced the innings and with the score at seven Smith was bowled by Frost without scoring. Luther came in, and together with Stott, helped the score on nicely. Robinson was eventually bowled by Hakin for seven. Two wickets fell with the score at 25, A. Smith being caught at corner and P. Bury bowled with a rattling good ball by Frost. W. Narroway and Stott began forcing matters, and quickly made the issue safe, the former batsman being especially vigorous. With his 39, Stott was stumped, and Arthur Robinson came in to help Narroway to play out the reminder of the time. The victory was in every sense a meritorious one, and Mexboro’ were outplayed. Narroway carried out his hat for a well played 38, and Arthur Robinson for 13.