Denaby & Cadeby – Mexborough 83 Denaby 84 for 2 – Downpour Held Up Game – But Not Denaby’s Victory March

June 1967

Mexborough & Swinton Times, June 15st 1957

Downpour Held Up The Game – But Not Denaby’s Victory March

Mexborough 83                                Denaby & Cadeby 84 for 2

Mondays Yorkshire Council Derby at Hampden Road between Mexborough and Denaby and Cadeby was held up for half an hour by a heavy downpour, but the cricket was keen despite a thin Whit Monday crowd.

Mexborough took an eight wicket beating from the team which had a batting giant in the shape of Arthur Ellis, who cracked 10 fours over a sticky outfield, out of a personal score of 52.

Mexborough took two hours and 17 minutes for the all-out total of 83, and in exactly half the time Denaby and Cadeby past this total for the loss of two wickets.

A Mexborough wickets fell soon when Hempstead was caught off Crompton for five. Newcomer to the side, Crompton was making the ball “bite” off a good length, and Beldon soon followed Hempstead when he was bowled for a single.

Heavily built, Crompton takes a relatively short run for a man of his pace, and has already made his presence felt by wrecking Rossington’s scorecard in Saturdays match. He hit the stumps six times, took a wicket with his first 10 minutes including ten faultless fours. Curious thing about Mexborough’s performance was that there fielding tightened when it was too late.